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Thu Oct 13 06:11:00 PDT 2005

At 08:41 AM 10/13/2005, Corinna wrote:

><kelley at inkworkswell.com> wrote in message
> > This is why I think that, yours as a much more established site with a lot
> > more interesting content than a site's that's more commercial than yours,
> > are much more likely to see a lot of bot traffic. What some of these bots
> > do is use your content on their flypaper 'search engines' (which are
> > really link farms).
>What is the use of sites like this? Who uses them or takes them seriously?
>When I land on one of these pages, I leave in disgust becuase that's *not*
>what I was looking for. Those pages are just noise, as far as I am

Well, that's you. And, you've already said you were smarter than the 
average bear. :) Imagine you're a noob to the 'net and you come across it. 
You're looking for information and you really don't know how to do it very 
well. And you use some service that pushes search engines at you that use 
paid advertising in ways that don't always make it obvious to the user. You 
do a search. You get to the page, you find something that looks like what 
you're looking for. Or, your eyes wander to what turns out to be a Google 
ad -- you click, etc.

Anyway, most of them appear to be link farms or something similar:


I've always wondered who'd get suckered in, but my old boss used to ask me, 
about twice a year, if he should pay $699 to 
get.listed.and.make.money.fast.on.the.internets by answering some spam 
advertisements for SEO services.

I'd tell him that, if he were just giving money away, he might as well as 
toss it my way: at least I actually did something useful for the company. 
When people who should know better get suckered in....


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