[FoRK] Re: GoToMyServer?

Andy Armstrong andy
Thu Oct 13 06:25:43 PDT 2005

On 13 Oct 2005, at 13:37, Corinna wrote:
> My second mistake was turning down the job offer from Activision  
> because I
> had already accepted another one (which happened to be inferior,  
> plus I
> hadn't actually started working there yet - I quit within a year  
> because I
> was so unhappy there).  Where would I be now if I had made either  
> of those
> choices differently?

Oh don't play that game - my life's littered with woulda's and  
coulda's but I wouldn't change any of it. Perhaps things would have  
been worse? Who knows?

I was chuckling with a friend of mine about upcoming.org's recent  
acquisition by Yahoo. Around five years ago we plotted to do  
something very similar and got as far as lining up a couple of  
million in VC. Our backers were happy but we backed away from it  
because we could see the end of the first dotcom bubble snapping at  
our heels and weren't sufficiently confident about the business  
model. We were chuckling because I'd found the screen layout that I'd  
mocked up - literally on the back of an envelope - it didn't have a  
'Metros' item (I don't know what that does on upcoming.org and can't  
be bothered to find out) but apart from that it was close to identical.

So I had a brief 'what if?' moment but it passed :)

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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