[FoRK] signs of autumn

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Thu Oct 13 07:18:13 PDT 2005

At 09:33 AM 10/13/2005, Corinna wrote:
>Hundreds (thousands?) of noisy blackbirds (grackles and cowbirds) flocking
>near the freeway.  Tons of butterfiles everywhere. A couple of poor,
>misplaced, deciduous trees halfheartedly dropping a few leaves.  The South
>Padre Island BikeFest (why do hundreds of bikers go to the beach, of all
>Period cold fronts begin, causing temperatures to drop below 90 degrees
>occasionally. Yea!

Oh, please, please, please. This has got to be the hottest summer since I 
moved here in '98. Lovin' those electric bills.

Living in the 'other white meat.'

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