[FoRK] Microsoft Passport

reza at voicegenesis.com reza
Thu Oct 13 08:01:30 PDT 2005

Hi Folks:

I'm trying to write an MS Passport client in Java since I can't find a way
to hook up to it (don't ask why Java... it's a long long long explanation).

Anyways, does anyone here understand how passport works?  I've been trying
to figure it out by using packet-sniffers and reverse engineering... the
MS Spec just says "use .NET to do this and Win 32 to do that"... I'm on
Java/Linux on the client side.

Based on preliminary observations, it seemed like just a bunch of cookies
going back and forth and one https POST.  BUT, though I think i've duplicated
all the appropriate Http and Https traffic (using Apache HttpClient), it's
not working :-((

Any help in understanding the internals of MS Passport would be appreciated


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