[FoRK] Re: signs of autumn

Corinna schultz
Thu Oct 13 08:29:49 PDT 2005

Our flocks of grackle are like that. I find it amazing the way they fly in 
huge flocks, swooping along the road (do they ever get hit by cars, I 
wonder?) and settle on every inch of space on the power lines, and the 
trees. You've probably seen those pictures of monarch butterflies covering 
trees -- well the grackles are like that, only noisier. Their sound has been 
described as a bunch of moving rusty machinery.

Occasionally, I hear mockingbirds making those sounds...

My kids think it's cool, so I drive more slowly and roll down the windows 
when we pass the freeway (why do they gather around the intersection of the 
two freeways, and in the parking lots around the mall? who knows...)

We also have wild parrots. They tend to fly around and screech in the 
mornings, but only around particular kinds of trees, it seems.

My favorites are the mockingbirds - they just sit in my tree, singing and 
twittering. It's neat to hear how many different patterns they make. Once I 
heard one making seagull calls... I was surprised there should be a seagull 
in my neighborhood...


"Ken Meltsner" <meltsner at alum.mit.edu> wrote in message
Autumn last year  (spring here) in Australia was odd -- sunset in
Chatswood was accompanied by the earsplitting screams of thousands of
I remember looking up in awe at the sunset
chorus while locals ignored it entirely.

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