[FoRK] republican congressman slams bush on militarised

Justin Mason jm
Thu Oct 13 14:51:12 PDT 2005

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Dave Long writes:
> So if both bong-loading hippie pinko-commies
> and brass-reloading redneck staunch-righties
> don't care to give bush positive performance
> reviews, who does?
> Somebody must, because they voted for him in
> 2004.  Anyone?  Hall?  Bueller?

That would be the unthinkingly-patriotic soccer mom crowd, the ones for
whom the mantra of "turr turr turrsts turrrsts 9-11 turr" works.

- --j.

> -Dave
> :: :: ::
> > "I think the arrogance of power that they have where they themselves 
> > are
> > like Communists....in the sense that they decide what is right. The
> > Communist Party said that they decided what was right or wrong, it
> > wasn't a higher source."
> Heh.  I don't recall the Bolshies being
> totally off base about WMD.  Nuts, yes,
> but not stark raving oh-would-that-make
> oil-way-expensive?-gee-I-just-happen-to
> own-some!-funny-how-that-works... mad.
> Zhivago
>  > There has to be something like peace and order first.
> Pogorevshikh
>  > That's a very naive statement.  What you call disorder is just as
>  > normal a state of things as the order you are so keen on.  All this
>  > destruction -- it's the right and proper preliminary stage of a wide,
>  > constructive plan.  Society has not yet disintegrated sufficiently.
>  > It must fall to pieces completely, then a genuinely revolutionary
>  > government will put the pieces together on a completely new basis.
> (sound like any "conservatives" we know?)
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