[FoRK] opensource frameworks to build something like craig's list

Lucas Gonze lgonze
Thu Oct 13 15:47:49 PDT 2005

Ryan King wrote:

> On Oct 12, 2005, at 8:16 PM, Sat N wrote:
>> Next question - what is the favorite PHP editor ( is an IDE an  alien 
>> concept
>> in PHP land?) that any of you use?
>> Has anyone used eclipse to do PHP development successfully?
> I haven't tried eclipse with php, but Zend's ZDE isn't bad for  
> debugging PHP.
> Personally, I use vim or TextMate, with bunches of scripts built in,  
> most of the time and only switch to ZDE when  *really* need a  
> debugger (which is almost never).

Speaking of debugging PHP, I have blue sky item: a built-in function for 
debug output.  Right now I debug with print statements like this:
print "breakpoint at ".__FILE__.":".__LINE__;

However my print statements often need to be fiddled around with to get 
things like a stack trace or write the statement to a log file, and the 
bug I am working on often prevents the debug info from ever being 
evaluated.  The only way to get this to really work well is with a 
built-in function.

This function should:
- write to rotatable log files.
- still work in the face of a compile error.  Maybe compile errors would 
go to the log.
- have a stack trace.
- be able to include phpinfo() in the log.
- be able to dump all variables in scope.

What's new about this idea is that it gives up on what you'd call a real 
debugger.  There's no stepping through code, that idea never works on 
the web.

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