[FoRK] Hurricane update

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Thu Oct 13 19:21:51 PDT 2005

My friend, Con, has another update on his experiences with Katrina and Rita 
(he lives in LA).


The NYT article by Barry reminded me of one item, to which I will
add others.

Barry mentions the surge overtopping the New Orleans levees, particularly
the industrial canal.  Another levee thought to be overtopped was looked at
in a new light after an engineer returned home to survey the damage to his
house, located directly adjacent to the (I think) 17th Street Canal.  A
fort he had built behind the house for his child in the 1970s was sitting
atop a mound of sediment closer to the back of the house.  His expertise in
engineering led him to conclude that the levee wasn't overtopped, but that
the water was forced under the levee by pressure of high water levels,
piling the sediment right under the fort like a turtle shell half-buried in
the backyard.  Given the nature of river sediments (potholes in New Orleans
are never permanent, due to unstable soils), this seems plausible.  This
means that future levees will have to be reinforced much deeper below sea


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