[FoRK] Why AJAX? ActiveX is turned off

Wilkin, Kurt Kurt.Wilkin
Thu Oct 13 22:53:33 PDT 2005

Steve Norquist wrote:
> No...no, FOX must have covered it somehow.  


> http://www.business2.com/b2/web/articles/0,17863,1107751,00.html
> Innovation always has the power to disrupt business. Here?s what to
> watch in the years ahead.

Collecting a few things
 + previously forked ajax security concerns
 + FOX
 + power to disrupt business
 + social networking 

Leads to the first(?) javascript-transported worm in the wild, 
loose on the Fox owned community site 'myspace'.

Reported in (blog-language in) http://e-scribe.com/news/103 [*]
"The Ajaxy bits of Web 2.0 that bring us an increase in 
client-side power also open up new vistas of malware"

Why? Well, from http://fast.info/myspace/
"If I can become their friend...if I can become their hero...
then why can't their friends become my friend...my hero. I can 
propagate the program to their profile, can't I. If someone 
views my profile and gets this program added to their profile,
that means anyone who views THEIR profile also adds me as a 
friend and hero, and then anyone who hits THOSE people's 
profiles add me as a friend and hero..."

And the Ajack http://namb.la/popular/tech.html :
"So, we use XML-HTTP in order for the actual client to make 
HTTP GETs and POSTs to pages. However, myspace strips out the 
word "onreadystatechange" which is necessary for XML-HTTP requests. 
Again, we can use an eval to evade this. Another plus to XML-HTTP 
is that the necessary cookies required to perform actions on myspace 
are passed along without any hassle.
Example: eval('xmlhttp.onread' + 'ystatechange = callback');"

Cheers, Kurt.

[*] Web 2.0 = Web 1.0 + Ajax
            = browser + Ajax
            = (Javascript + markup) + (Javascript + markup)
            = 2(Javascript + markup)
            = 2(browser)
            = browser
            = Web 1.0

So we may not be getting anywhere, but at least the version
numbers are going up.

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