[FoRK] beware inevitability! a foil to the technologicalsingularity?

Kevin Elliott k-elliott
Fri Oct 14 14:37:22 PDT 2005

At 20:30 +0000  on  10/14/05, Russell Turpin wrote:
>Kevin Elliott:
>>I think BOTH sides of the aisle were firmly convinced that we were losing
>>the Cold War in the 1970s. ..
>Nope. The 1970s were the period of
>detente, when the superpowers realized
>that victory wasn't possible for either
>side, and it was time to put a chill on
>the cold war. SALT started in '69.
>Nixon visited Moscow in '72. Brezhnev
>visited the US in '74. Helsinki was signed
>in '75. Everyone started breathing a
>little easier.

How does this help your argument?  If I were the USSR in the 1970's 
I'd have signed ANYTHING that would reduce the number of US nukes. 
If I can get the number to 0 or close enough for a first strike then 
BOOM, I win.  The USSR's military quantity SO exceeded the US at this 
point that any war looked incredibly one side from the Soviet 
perspective.  US military technology had not nearly begun to pull 
ahead to the point it has today.  Moreover the "inferiority" of the 
US approach was being vividly demonstrated by Vietnam.
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