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Adam L Beberg beberg
Fri Oct 14 16:20:28 PDT 2005

Stephen D. Williams wrote on 10/14/2005 3:15 PM:
> If infection starts elsewhere, lock everyone in the house and 
> telecommute for weeks until A) food runs out and B) the infection has 
> passed.  Setup safe food pickups.

Lets not forget we live in a Just In Time nation, where everything comes 
from China. A week after a supply disruption from Asia, every Walmart in 
the country will completely empty. Since that's the only place most 
poeple can afford to shop anymore, that is a small problem. The food 
situation is nearly as nad for any major city outside the midwest. When 
was the plast time you had fruit grown in the US? Hint - only in the 
fall time. For that matter, can most people even operate a stove anymore?

It doesn't matter where it starts, we don't make anything here, we're 
screwed. Other countries that actually still have things done locally 
will fare FAR better then the US. Places like Africa where there is 
little travel, and everything is local, will fare better then NYC where 
you can baisicly just write off 25% of the population right now no 
matter what containment they try to do. Poeple will escape the city and 
spread it to others.

And as noted elsewhere, Americans won't stay home anyway. We cant even 
get people to live above sea level, and that's trivial, you really think 
we can get them to not immediately go spread the virus?

Adam L. Beberg

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