Fwd: Re: [FoRK] avian flu/home grown/PastFutureTense/retraction

Gordon Mohr gojomofork
Fri Oct 14 17:16:09 PDT 2005

Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> Diseases thrive on contact.  Isolation starves the cycle.  Quarantine 
> the well along with the sick.

Under the theory that our safety is best served by letting
the disease 'burn out' on early victims, such total isolation
might help.

There's the alternate theory -- and it is a bit away from the
mainstream, I admit -- that overall safety is best served by
spreading the mild/mostly-defeated versions of the illness,
by the slightly-sick and superficially-healthy who carry it.

Under that theory, quarantining the 'healthy' as well as the
sick prevents useful immunity from spreading, and could leave us
more vulnerable to future breakouts of related diseases.

- Gordon

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