[FoRK] beware inevitability! a foil tothe technologicalsingularity?

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Sat Oct 15 12:12:04 PDT 2005

Here here.  (Hear hear?)

Canada = America Lite, sort of. (just kidding. ;-) ) 
I love canadians too, although I mostly have come in contact with 
Qu?b?cois / Quebecers, AFAIK.

I go to Montreal at the end of November.


Albert S. wrote:

> ...
>Democrats and Republicans at each other's throats
>heartens this Canadian. When they are in agreement
>some country is about to get the crap kicked out of
>Perhaps it's unsafe for me to admit this in public,
>but I love America, and the American people. I love
>them because Canadians are so darn much like them, and
>to hate them is to hate myself. To admit this is
>political suicide in Canada. Fortunately I am not
>running for office.
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