[FoRK] National Identity

Albert S. albert.scherbinsky
Sat Oct 15 17:14:14 PDT 2005

I most certainly am making assumptions. I find it
impossible to think without doing so. As soon as
animals started to think is when they started to be
wrong. The act of writing is a fraud, an attempt to
represent the world with marks on paper or a screen.
It's just a facsimile, and not a very good one.

There are all sorts of reasons that you might choose
to move to a certain place. Cultural factors are only
one of them. The weather and beutiful scenery are one
of the main reasons people choose southern BC over
other areas in Canada. If you had a thing for wheat
and very flat open spaces then Saskatchewan might
appeal to you better. :)


--- Russell Turpin <deafbox at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Albert Scherbinsky wrote:
> >>Personally, I prefer to just accept what I am, one
> >>heck of lot like our neighbors to the south. Of
> >>course, I'm one heck of a lot more like somebody
> from Illinois or New 
> >>York, than I am like someone
> >>from Texas or Mississippi..
> Well, see. Now you're making assumptions about
> regional identity. If ever I move to Canada, it will
> be to Victoria or Vancouver, rather than to
> Saskatchewan.
> Stephen D. Williams:
> >The trend at  the Federal level has been mostly
> >toward more fair business and personal freedoms,
> regardless of rhetoric.
> Didn't we just have a thread on the pitfalls of
> assuming inevitability?
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