[FoRK] National Identity

Wilkin, Kurt Kurt.Wilkin
Sat Oct 15 18:38:01 PDT 2005

fork-bounces at xent.com wrote:
> Albert Scherbinsky wrote:
>>> Personally, I prefer to just accept what I am, one
>>> heck of lot like our neighbors to the south. Of
>>> course, I'm one heck of a lot more like somebody from Illinois or
>>> New York, than I am like someone from Texas or Mississippi..
> Well, see. Now you're making assumptions about
> regional identity. If ever I move to Canada, it will
> be to Victoria or Vancouver, rather than to
> Saskatchewan.

Yeah : found a lot more in common with some of backwater 
Californians (Los Banos, close to Modesto, or Merced) 
than some homeland (NZ) Aucklanders, or Wellingtonians.
(OTOH, if an All Blacks match ever coincided with a '49ers 
game it'd make a liar of me)
Don't know how representative or not Anaheim is
of anywhere, but some of them were damn near alien.

And what with Celine + Avril + Alanis + Shania, wouldn't
it get too noisy in Canadia?

Cheers, Kurt.

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