[FoRK] National Identity

Albert S. albert.scherbinsky
Sun Oct 16 06:13:57 PDT 2005

--- "Wilkin, Kurt" <Kurt.Wilkin at fnzc.co.nz> wrote:
> Don't know how representative or not Anaheim is
> of anywhere, but some of them were damn near alien.

One of the really great things about California is how
it readily accepts misfits and other individualists.
There are places where such people are treated badly.

> And what with Celine + Avril + Alanis + Shania,
> wouldn't
> it get too noisy in Canadia?
Fortunately they don't all get air time
simultaneously. We also have "The Tragically Hip" with
the sadly topical but very catchy tune "New Orleans is
sinking", which by the way they produced many years
ago, so they are not cruel. We've got the "Bare Naked
Ladies", non of which are ladies or naked. One great
oldies Canadian band is "The Guess Who" which produced
the original version of "American Woman" redone by
Lenny Kravitz a few years back. We also got Neal Young
and Bryan Adams, so it ain't all noise.


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