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Adam L Beberg beberg
Sun Oct 16 14:56:30 PDT 2005

Tracie K Meyer wrote on 10/15/2005 9:29 PM:
> [dwalker at childrenscentralcal.org: [ccm-l] Scientists say they have found
> Tamiflu-resistant strain of bird flu]
> Now what are we going to do, since the entire world is stocking up on
> Tamiflu?

Well, see, thats the issue isnt it. there is no "flu" or "AIDS" or 
"human" it's all a random mix of happy genetic code.

Lets say a non resistant strain shows up. Within days Tamiflu will be 
used, and within hours/days a resistant stain will be created and start 
spreading. The power of evolution... er, I mean Intelligent Design from 
a vengeful god that hates gays... yea.

The real trick is to manage to get a non-fatal strain and fight it off 
before you get the killer one. Then your body can fight off the fatal 
one easily.

You can also hope it shows up in Asia first (now not so likely) as the 
more fatal strains tend to kill the host suiciding themself in the 
process, and you end up with more virulent but less deadly ones. Of 
course that relies on time, and anything deadly can just use the 
airports to spread globally in 24 hours.

Just hope your immune system can cope with whatever comes along, because 
that's really all you can do in the modern world.

Adam L. Beberg

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