[FoRK] National Identity

Ian Andrew Bell FoRK fork
Tue Oct 18 01:30:03 PDT 2005

On 17-Oct-05, at 9:40 PM, Kevin Elliott wrote:

> God willing I'll be make my 70-80 without haveing to kill anyone  
> either.  But with your loved ones on the line would you hesitate to  
> take anothers life?

As a matter of fact, yes.  Because it's not zero sum.  It's not "Us  
or Them".  I don't have to actually KILL someone to save myself from  
them.  I might have to hurt them.  I might have to (god forbid) call  
the cops.  But the fact of the matter is that I've walked this earth  
34 years already and no one has ever seriously threatened my life.  I  
suspect that is true of you.  If not, find a better zip code or vote  
for a real government.

> A knife at the throat?  A baseball bat ready to come down?  If your  
> answers is: "no, I wouldn't kill", well then I'm afraid we're very  
> different people.  But if you'd kill the only difference between  
> you and I is that I'm better prepared.

No there are several differences:

1)    I'm not welcoming such a confrontation as you apparently are.
2)    I live in a country where people don't tend to kill each other,  
statistically, at random.  But then again, so do you, so get over  
3)    I'm not fucking paranoid.  (see items 1 and 2)

>> Is hunting an inalienable right?
> *shrug*.  I don't know.  I don't think it's particularly evil and I  
> don't have a problem with it.  In the vast majority of America it's  
> a completely safe and enjoyable hobby.  Are you a vegetarian?

Now I was expecting you'd go all soft on me with the vegan-hypocrite  
angle.  Stupid, frivolous point.

>>  Is the right to bear and keep arms still practical in a
>> civilized society (I'm hoping America becomes one soon)?
>   My biggest regret is that I wasn't there to defend her. Their is  
> evil in the world, and I feel obligated to do my part to defend  
> against it.

Thank you, Superman.  But if your spider sense is tingling it's  
probably trying to tell you the proper spellings and usages for  
"they're, there, and their";  "you're, your"; etc.

> You glossed over the most important line their.  "free State".  
> That's crucial.  It is not possible to subjugate any country if a  
> significant majority of the population is against the occupying  
> power AND that population is armed.

As you're learning in Iraq.  Arguably it's also not possible to  
STABILIZE a country if a significant majority of the population is  
armed.  Yours is teetering on the brink.

> Guns are the great equalizer.

Thank god pussies can finally get even!

> Short of mass bombardment and/or terror tactics, it is simply to  
> easy for the population to shoot, scoot, disappear, and start over  
> again.

When will your up-armoured Hummer be delivered, anyway?

> But I should be clear- I don't think their was anything wrong with  
> beating your rat to death.  It's a free country...

Actually I live in Canada.  We must not be free, since most of us  
don't have guns.


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