[FoRK] thinking about responsibility

Corinna schultz
Mon Oct 24 05:51:18 PDT 2005

Since we're talking about abortion without degenerating into flames...  :)

Aside from the biological/religious "when does life begin" question...

The other main thing people argue about is responsibility. Abortion dodges 
responsibility. I'm doing the responsible thing by not bringing an unwanted 
kid into the world. etc.

Here's an analogy (I know, a dangerious thing to do...)

Let's say I go to the mall, and I don't lock the door to my house. If I live 
in a reasonably nice neighborhood where crime never happens, then that's not 
a particularly stupid thing to do. It's, say, a calculated risk.  If I live 
in a bad neighborhood, where even your rocking chair will get stolen from 
the front porch (yes it happened to me!), then it's pretty stupid to not 
lock your door.

(The first case corresponds to using condoms, or being over the age of 45, 
or watching your biological signs of fertility. The second case corresponds 
to being clueless.)

If someone breaks into your house and steals your TV, then how do you assign 
responsibility? Do you have to live without a TV for the next 20 years or 
can you buy another one? Do you have the right to have the police (or some 
local charity) subsidize your next TV purchase? Should you have to put up 
with people judging you for having your TV stolen?

This is still a bit fuzzy in my mind, so I think I'm not being as clear as I 
could be. My current position is that I think abortion should be legal and 
available, but I wouldn't want to have to make the choice. Even though 
having another kid right now would be a Bad Idea (tm), I'm not sure what I 
would choose, or even how to go about thinking about the choice. As a 
female, it's hard to think about it rationally. :) 

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