[FoRK] hiring question- suggestions on where to advertise

Luis Villa luis.villa
Mon Oct 24 07:29:36 PDT 2005

Where would you all post right now if you were looking for a smart,
clueful hacker? Obviously, the best way to do this is 'hire who you
know', so I'll be working my network as hard as I can (probably
including this list at some point) but the job I'm about to hire for
is probably not something my network (which is incredibly
linux-centric) will be much use for. Where should I fall back on
if/when the network falls through? craigslist is an obvious one;
monster and hotjobs advertise a lot, but I have no idea if they are
any good; past that, having never used any of them, I have no idea if
any of them are any good.

Thanks in advance for any advice-

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