[FoRK] Opinions Requested :-)

Strata R. Chalup strata
Mon Oct 24 09:19:29 PDT 2005

The 'feed' is actually the XML describing the available podcasts.  The podcast 
content itself is parsed from the feed.   That's why you sometimes get multiple 
or repeat downloads if people either rearrange their hosting of the content, or 
change feed publishing tech such that the link structure changes.  Yr aggregator 
thinks 'oh, this is new' and snags it.

But don't take my word for it-- go to some site that does podcasts, do a 'save 
target' on the feed, date it, and then do the same thing again in a day or three 
once the content has changed.  Good old-fashioned 'diff' will show you the 
money, as it were.


Gavin Thomas Nicol wrote:

> How do they detect the change without pulling down the content?

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