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Kevin Elliott k-elliott
Mon Oct 24 11:27:21 PDT 2005

At 11:14 -0700  on  10/24/05, Elias Sinderson wrote:
>Kevin Elliott wrote:
>>  At 17:40 +0000  on  10/24/05, Russell Turpin wrote:
>>>  Whether or not one wants to make arguments about later abortions, 
>>>an embryo that hasn't yet developed a functioning brain has zero 
>>>claim on the woman who is pregnant.
>>  How do you figure that?  Her choices put it there.
>I'm assuming that you neglect the case of rape in the most benign 
>fashion possible, correct? >Any policy under consideration must 
>handle these situations equally as well without the need
>for special consideration or recourse against the common practice.

The world is a hard place.  Bad things happen to good people.  I'd 
string the rapist up by his gentiles, let him die a slow and painful 
death, and then fine his family into poverty for allowing such a 
monster to walk the world.  A rabid human needs to be put down.  Yes, 
I'm a  blood and guts, law and order type.

That doesn't change anything in regards to the child.  If my daughter 
were brutally raped and beaten to the point of death, I'd ask her to 
carry the child to term and give it to a loving family.  If she were 
young enough, I'd have to make that choice for her.  Two wrongs don't 
make a right.

>>  No different than the responsibility an owner has to his dog.  He 
>>can beat it, kill it, rape it, or pet it.  All of them are his 
>>"right".  It's his property. Not all of them are moral.  He made 
>>the decisions that got him that dog, it's his responsibility to 
>>treat it properly.
>The above represents some pretty seriously twisted mental gymnastics 
>to make your point.
>'No different', indeed... Care to offer a more palatable analogy 
>that is suitable for further

*shrug*.  I don't know of a better one.  When we take responsibility 
for a life we take on certain duties and obligations to that life. 
Even when that life is forced upon us, the moral decision respects 
those duties and obligations.
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