[FoRK] Re: thinking about responsibility

Kevin Elliott k-elliott
Mon Oct 24 11:30:27 PDT 2005

At 14:11 -0400  on  10/24/05, Regina Schuman wrote:
>Why, I'd think anyone who claims to be pro-life would JUMP at the chance
>to subsidize a woman's pregnancy if it meant saving an unborn's life

Depends on what you mean by subsidize.  I don't think it's the 
government place to cure the ills of the nation.  I'd certainly do 
everything I could to help.

>The evangelical movement in America, as large and prosperous and vocal
>and unified as it is, *must* have funds set aside to help these "least
>of my brethren."  The Bible says to.

Yes.  My understanding is that if your in poverty, need help, and are 
willing to carry your baby to term, help can be found.  BUT, even if 
that weren't true it wouldn't change anything.  The right decision 
doesn't change because it's harder than the wrong one.
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