[FoRK] Re: thinking about responsibility

Corinna schultz
Mon Oct 24 12:50:10 PDT 2005

"Kevin Elliott" <k-elliott at wiu.edu> wrote in message 
> The embryo will fail naturally, in which case the abortion question is 
> moot, OR their will be a baby.

Slightly tangential, but what if you kill something that would die anyways 
(of course you don't know if it will die, but something like 30% of all 
pregnancies end in death for the embryo)? Or what if you simply increase the 
chance that it will die naturally?

What's the difference between:
1) morning-after pill - sudden high dose of hormones preventing 
2) normal pill - prevents ovulation, or failing that, prevents implantation 
of fertilized egg. In effect it amplifies the natural probability of early 
3) IUD - physically prevents implantation, or creates toxic environment so 
fertilized egg is poisoned.
4) abortion - chemical or physical means of killing early embryo
5) drug user mother who spontaneously aborts/miscarries because of drug use
6) unhealthy mother who spontaneously aborts/miscarries because she doesn't 
eat right or take care of herself (certainly some of that 30% rate I 
mentioned is due to bad nutrition. Your 3rd pregnancy has the highest 
probability of miscarrying partly because your body is drained after two 
pregnancies, especially if they're closely spaced.)

Is there a moral onus on a woman to keep track of her biological signs so 
that she knows asap if she's pregnant, and can terminate the pregnancy as 
early as possible?  (the main way you can tell: basal temperature stays 
elevated instead of dropping when mentruation is due. If it stays elevated - 
whether or not you bleed, it's time to take a pregnancy test. There are 
other signs. Go look up sympto-thermal method if you're interested.)


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