[FoRK] thinking about responsibility

Russell Turpin deafbox
Mon Oct 24 14:01:00 PDT 2005

Robert Harley <robert.harley at gmail.com>:
>Think about these situations:
>1) You see somebody punching a guy in the stomach. 2) You see somebody 
>punching a woman in the stomach. 3) You see somebody punching a pregnant 
>woman in the stomach.

There are several reasons one might react
differently to those situations, that have
nothing to do with considering the fetus
as a person to be defended. For example,
the usual assumption on seeing a woman
visibly pregnant is that she WANTS to
bear a child, an endeavor that many of
us support and wouldn't want to see
terminated against her will. Also, a pregnant
woman is herself at more physical risk from
such battery.

One way to distinguish what is motivating
your behavior is to think about another
possibility: 4) you see a pregnant woman
entering an abortion clinic. Do you run
to the fetus's aid?

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