[FoRK] thinking about responsibility

Robert Harley robert.harley
Mon Oct 24 15:19:43 PDT 2005

>There are several reasons one might react
>differently to those situations, that have
>nothing to do with considering the fetus
>as a person to be defended.

I do consider the fetus as a person to be defended.

I would not hesitate to wonder whether it is loved and wanted
any more than I would hesitate to wonder whether the mother
would like a flash car or the dad a diamond ring.  The likelihood
that it is loved and wanted could only add to the urgency.

I believe that a human life starts at fertilisation and is valuable
from then on.
Certainly many are lost through accidents of nature.  All are lost eventually.

>4) you see a pregnant woman
>entering an abortion clinic. Do you run
>to the fetus's aid?

I like to think that I would ask her why she doesn't want to carry the
baby to term.
If the reason was something I could do something about then I would.  If not,
then I would be sad but I am not in a position to force people to
change their minds.

>pinning legal classes on these kinds of probabilities
>makes such distinctions quite dependent on the
>current state of technology

Please don't use this slightly relevant point to draw bullshit conclusions.
Reproductive technology is great.  I applaud and support it.
Maybe someday we'll be able to make babies out of handfuls of mud.
Why not make hay (a.k.a. straw-men) out of that while you're at it?


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