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Stephen D. Williams sdw
Mon Oct 24 18:43:56 PDT 2005

The ratios are probably not too indicative due to scale, concentration, etc.

The real issue I think is inner city vicious cycles, although these 
bleed out pretty far into the burbs too.
You're not going to see drug lords, gang wars, crack babies, etc. in the 
villages in Ohio or Kansas.  You need a particular range of sick 
environment for that kind of thing to become widespread.  NYC, Detroit, 
and other large cities are artificial environments that get pretty dank 
if not carefully cultivated and/or "gentrified" (in the economic sense, 
not racial, although it was used in the latter fashion in the Washington 
Post recently) (San Francisco, Denver (as far as I could tell), 
Columbus, OH (vs. Cleveland), etc.).

The "war on drugs" is really misguided...  At the very least, drug 
offenders should not be locked up with other kinds of offenders.  What's 
wrong with forced living in a completely foreign environment with 
available useful work, education, etc.?

Heck, even running call centers with certain classes of inmates might be 
a good idea, tightly monitored.


James Tauber wrote:

> England, with just above 100 per 100K in jail had a black:white ratio  
> 7.1:1 in 1990 compared with 6.4:1 in the US according to:
> Tonry, M. (1994).  ?Racial Disproportion in US Prisons,? British  
> Journal of Criminology, Vol. 34, p. 105.
> Even worse, Canada had a native:non-native ratio of 8:1 and Australia  
> 15:1.
> James
> On 24/10/2005, at 6:40 PM, Robert Harley wrote:
>>> There are more than 2 million people in jail in the US. [1]
>> That's about 700 per 100K.  In Europe it's about 100.
>> Apparently, Europeans are not much good at locking up black people and
>> pot smokers.
>> R
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