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Albert S. albert.scherbinsky
Mon Oct 24 19:05:42 PDT 2005

A while back my bank had a sign saying that if you
waited for a teller for more than 5 minutes they would
give you $10, no questions asked.

I never got the $10 though, because their service was
very fast. Interestingly, I had never had a problem
with the speed of their service even before the
promotion. I had switched to the bank in the first
place because my old bank was always trying to sell me
some new service whenever I used a teller. I was in a
real rush one day and the very persistent teller
insisted on giving me the whole sales pitch even
though I said I was in a big hurry. My very next visit
to the bank was to close my account.

--- "Stephen D. Williams" <sdw at lig.net> wrote:

> I just waited on the phone for far too long for an
> insurance company 
> thing, which gave me time to think about appropriate
> torture.  It's too 
> bad that long distance isn't still $0.40/min. since
> it's essentially 
> free for companies to leave customers in hold queues
> forever.
> I hereby suggest a bill taxing companies in certain
> circumstances 
> $0.25/min. for every minute over 4 that they keep a
> customer waiting for 
> a live operator, including time spent trying to get
> through an IVR 
> system.  Companies need an incentive to make them
> provide appropriate 
> customer service and effective automation.
> This system literally said: "We know you want to
> speak to a 
> representative, but first we would like you to use
> the automated 
> system."  I had to cycle through that 3 times to get
> past it...
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