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Kevin Elliott k-elliott
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At 14:46 -0500  on  10/24/05, Corinna wrote:
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>>  The embryo will fail naturally, in which case the abortion question is
>>  moot, OR their will be a baby.
>Slightly tangential, but what if you kill something that would die anyways
>(of course you don't know if it will die, but something like 30% of all
>pregnancies end in death for the embryo)? Or what if you simply increase the
>chance that it will die naturally?

Legally, the fact that something would die is no excuse for killing 
that thing.  That seems like a sensible rule and I see no reason to 
disagree with it.

>What's the difference between:
>1) morning-after pill - sudden high dose of hormones preventing
>2) normal pill - prevents ovulation, or failing that, prevents implantation
>of fertilized egg. In effect it amplifies the natural probability of early
>3) IUD - physically prevents implantation, or creates toxic environment so
>fertilized egg is poisoned.

I don't have any moral problem with any of these.  They all seem to 
me to beresponsible acts trying to prevent pregnancy.  Some may see 
this as hypocritical, but I don't consider birth control in and of 
itself immoral, and I don't really see much of a distinction between 
taking a pill all the time and taking a pill once.

>4) abortion - chemical or physical means of killing early embryo
>5) drug user mother who spontaneously aborts/miscarries because of drug use
>6) unhealthy mother who spontaneously aborts/miscarries because she doesn't
>eat right or take care of herself (certainly some of that 30% rate I
>mentioned is due to bad nutrition. Your 3rd pregnancy has the highest
>probability of miscarrying partly because your body is drained after two
>pregnancies, especially if they're closely spaced.)

I don't see much of a difference here either.  Again, my contentions 
is that most abortions occur as an easy out to avoid having to go 
through a pregnancy.  The tools and support are their such that the 
child could be brought to term and raised by a loving family, but 
because of ignorance, laziness, and an unwillingness to take 
responsibility, that's not happening.
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