[FoRK] Opinions Requested :-)

Reza B'Far reza
Tue Oct 25 14:04:03 PDT 2005

Sweet... so now we're on the topic :-)

In two years' time how many people won't have either an MP3 capable phone or
a stand-alone MP3 player?
So, we basically proxy everything within our server infrastructure,
recognize device types, and optimize content for the specific devices on the
server side.  Sure, all devices might have MP3 in 2 years, but that still
leaves you with:
A) battery consumption which is not keeping up with storage consumption
B) capability to get content OTA... and don't believe the hype from carriers
on being able to get video on your phone etc. within any time soon... their
networks are completely saturated... hence the ridiculous price for
receiving video (which gets transmitted in MPEG on most video capable
C) You do have a valid point... the podcasting solution on legacy phones is
an "interim" solution for an significant portion of the market (though
unknown) to whom non-MP3 player phones will be obsolete...

OK, so that's unique. I suppose it's all in the UI - how convenient is it to
select the clip?
The podcast is broken into multiple messages... segments are selected by an
audio analysis program... somewhere between 3-7 min segments

Are you planning to send the clip as a multimedia message or transmit just
metadata (podcast id, start time, end time) and have their phone
fetch the actual content from the central server?
It's not MMS.  There are a lot of end-user issues associated with MMS (I can
elaborate off-thread if necessary)... The client pulls the content from our

I've also got some mixed responses (off-line) on this so far with some
people very enthusiastic and others the opposite... interesting
though...seems like there are people who use podcasts and love them... and
those who don't and think they're irrelevant (at least on a mobile
device)... I wonder, except for age, what would cause such clear

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