[FoRK] Opinions Requested :-)

Andy Armstrong andy
Tue Oct 25 14:31:18 PDT 2005

OK, while we're on podcasts - how about this?

I'm currently working on podfamily.net (nothing there yet). It's a  
social network of podcasters - when you recommend a show by someone  
else you formalise that by creating a connection to that show. So you  
get Adam Curry -> likes -> Madge Weinstein. Eventually you get a  
network of links you can traverse to find interesting content without  
having to manually trawl the shows to find out what people like.  
You'll be able to subscribe to aggregated feeds based on various  
slicing and dicings of that network.

All the technical problems are solved - I've got about two weeks more  
coding to do. I'm reasonably certain it's a good idea - and distinct  
from anything anyone else is doing just now. The question is - what  
do I do with it? Get to the stage where it demonstrably works and  
sell it? Needless to say I have no real idea what the business model  
is - just that it's possible and will be useful.

So, er, when it works what should I do with it? Wait and see I suppose.

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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