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Tue Oct 25 18:28:10 PDT 2005

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Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) writes:
> On 25-Oct-05, at 3:36 PM, Robert Harley wrote:
> > It's odd reading this...
> >
> > http://www.lemonde.fr/web/article/
> > 0,1-0 at 2-3226,36-703130 at 51-702569,0.html
> >
> >> Les sept alpinistes français et leurs onze guides népalais, qui
> >> étaient portés disparus depuis le jeudi 20 octobre dans la chaîne de
> >> l'Himalaya (Népal), ont péri. La nouvelle a été confirmée,  lundi 24
> >> octobre, par des secouristes, à l'issue d'une nouvelle  journée de
> >> vaines recherches. *"Tous les membres de l'équipe de  l'expédition
> >> française vers le mont Kang Guru sont morts"*, a  déclaré à la presse
> >> Bikram Neupane, président de l'Association des secours  en Himalaya
> >> (HRA).
> >
> > ... 18 climbers killed by an avalanche at 5000m; I was at well over
> > 6000 highly equipped with two pairs of trousers, a water-proof fleece,
> > old gloves & scarf, some biscuits and a bottle of water (refilled with
> > snow)  just a couple of weeks ago...
> I guess you're just lucky 32,000 tonnes of snow didn't roll down the
> hill on top of you, then.
> The four survivors were standing around outside the tent when the
> avalanche hit, so that just goes to show you:  when you hear the roar
> get the heck out of that thing and grab an ice axe..

I wouldn't have the slightest clue ;)  Mind you, I wouldn't be climbing in
that snow.

FWIW, when I did the (comparatively wimpy) Annapurna base camp trek, there
were a number of spots where landslides had wiped out the trail that year,
and spots where it was strongly recommended that one not use the trail
during certain times of the day.  If I recall correctly, some tourists had
died in a landslide on the trail, a few weeks previously, on one of the

- --j.
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