[FoRK] Tell Me, Oh Mages...

Ian Andrew Bell FoRK fork
Tue Oct 25 21:38:31 PDT 2005

I'm going to have to send the PowerBook in for Warranty service which  
means living without the thing for two weeks.

This means I will have to use (gag!) XP as my primary means of  
communication for longer than I would ordinarily recommend to the  
faint-hearted.  I need to find an email client and since you folks  
read so much of mine you must have very powerful email tools indeed.

There are two, no three, no four caveats:

1)    Must support IMAP.  How could any mail client NOT support IMAP  
in this day & age?
2)    Must NOT be called "Outlook", "Outlook Express", or "MS Mail"
3)    Must spell-check on the fly which, I will admit, I have gotten  
used to in Mail.app
4)    Must not dump attachments in yer frickin' mail folder like  
stupid Eudora does, overwriting & renaming duplicates

(Not that I EVER spell stuph incorrektly, mind you).

ideally, it would be beautiful, or minimal.  I have been using  
Thunderbird on XP but Spell-Check-On-Send is SO 1994 and couldn't  
possibly bring myself to use it for all of my daily communications.

So, you mavens of mail... hit me.


PS - It's raining like hell here.  Please don't buy property in  
Vancouver.  Thanks.

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