[FoRK] Magnesium / Water cycle hydrogen production

Robert Harley robert.harley
Wed Oct 26 15:30:46 PDT 2005

>>* I don't see how it matters how magnesium metal is made.
>It does matter, because the energetics of the entire production/consumption/
>recycling needs to be better than the alternatives, as well as refuelling
>and waste handling needs to be at least comparable.

What matters is cost.  That argues for re-using current infrastructure
(no shit!)
but not a whole for energy efficiency, is so far as it is indirectly
related to cost.
These days I guess it would make sense to run on petroleum refined
from crude extracted from
tar sands with steam produced using electricity generated by burning
coal dug by machines
running on petroleum (eh?).  Mebbe you should build an SUV with a
steam engine instead of a motor?
Wouldn't be pretty but could be done and makes an interesting "what if
history weren't what it is" musing.
The Mallard and co were pretty feersum endjinns, but I wouldn't want
one under the bonnet...


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