[FoRK] SourceHearth project kickoff

Strata R. Chalup strata
Wed Oct 26 17:26:48 PDT 2005

Robert, dear, are you on the rag?  I hope you feel better soon.


Robert Harley wrote:

>>[...] an open-source community site by and for women in open source
> and in technology in general.
>>If you are a woman who is interested in participating [...]
> I've got a pint-at-the-pub project in a state of advanced development.
> If you are a red-blooded
> (blue doesn't count), meat-eating (no vegetarians!), adult (no kids),
> white (or brown or pink or whatever),
> Irish (or other) male (or female, as long as you know which),
> preferably with all limbs attached
> (or at least most), please drop me a note.
> R.
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