Email Clients (Was Re: [FoRK] Tell Me, Oh Mages...)

Ian Andrew Bell FoRK fork
Thu Oct 27 21:21:08 PDT 2005

I can't believe that with all this horsepower and all the brainpower  
spent using email in this day and age that the best suggestion I get  
is ThunderBird.

Sad that the forces of market competition have conspired to deliver  
XP users pretty much no viable options for managing their email.


On 26-Oct-05, at 12:44 PM, Adam L Beberg wrote:

> Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) wrote on 10/25/2005 9:38 PM:
>> I'm going to have to send the PowerBook in for Warranty service  
>> which  means living without the thing for two weeks.
>> This means I will have to use (gag!) XP as my primary means of   
>> communication for longer than I would ordinarily recommend to the   
>> faint-hearted.  I need to find an email client and since you  
>> folks  read so much of mine you must have very powerful email  
>> tools indeed.
>> There are two, no three, no four caveats:
>> 1)    Must support IMAP.  How could any mail client NOT support  
>> IMAP  in this day & age?
>> 2)    Must NOT be called "Outlook", "Outlook Express", or "MS Mail"
>> 3)    Must spell-check on the fly which, I will admit, I have  
>> gotten  used to in
>> 4)    Must not dump attachments in yer frickin' mail folder like   
>> stupid Eudora does, overwriting & renaming duplicates
>> (Not that I EVER spell stuph incorrektly, mind you).
>> ideally, it would be beautiful, or minimal.  I have been using   
>> Thunderbird on XP but Spell-Check-On-Send is SO 1994 and couldn't   
>> possibly bring myself to use it for all of my daily communications.
>> So, you mavens of mail... hit me.
> Thunderbird. It's very easy to transfer all your mailboxes between  
> and thunderbird since they both use straight text files.  
> This is no surprise since seems to be the design doc for  
> Thunderbird.
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