[FoRK] The real problem with Big Pharma....

Albert S. albert.scherbinsky
Sat Oct 29 11:32:28 PDT 2005

There is no denying that Big Pharma is having
problems. The PPH is down almost 50% over five years.


The real problem is not the importation of cheap drugs
from Canada, which by the way are getting less cheap
as the Canadian dollar has been rising dramatically
against the U.S. dollar. More precisely the U.S.
dollar is being flushed down the toilet with
profligate government spending, and loose monetary
policy. But, that's another story.

The real problem is cash cow drugs coming off patent
and the newer drugs blowing up with side effects and
efficacy problems. In the software industry if there
is a bug in software and peoples computers are
crashing, the company issues a patch and everything is
happiness and light. In the pharma industry if there
is a bug in the pillware and peoples bodies are
crashing, products are withdrawn from the market.


--- "Albert S." <albert.scherbinsky at rogers.com> wrote:

> When terrorists used airplanes to commit terrorist
> attacks within the United States, people around the
> world, _Not_Just_In_The_U.S._, became concerned and
> used air travel less.
> Assuming the novel even becomes popular, I'm sure
> that
> people are smart enough to realise that drugs can be
> poisoned no matter where they come from. One glance
> at
> the chart of the big pharma exchange traded fund
> (PPH)and one smells desperation.
> --- Russell Turpin <deafbox at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > How do you convince Americans it's a bad idea
> > to buy cheap drugs from Canada? And legislators
> > to ban reimportation? If you're the Pharmaceutical
> > Research and Manufacturers of America, you
> > hire an author to write a suspense novel where
> > terrorists use reimported drugs as a way to poison
> > the nation. If this sounds like a bad joke, click
> > the link for the details.
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