[FoRK] Magnesium / Water cycle hydrogen production

Steve Norquist signa
Sun Oct 30 22:47:23 PST 2005

I rather liked the idea the article didn't get to fleshing out,
which is the bit where the car can 'make its own fuel'...refining
magnesium (yes, refactory metal) while loafing in the afternoon sun.
(Now here, I am assuming that solar cells don't weigh what
they do as well as suspending other beliefs.)

Also, it takes a bit for me to realize that it's not so much
like running an ion chromatograph on -kill- mode as firing a
coil-fed flechette gun into a klystron (or two.)  Or perhaps
just popping corn over a fire with a sodium pan, as you say
(a little more oil? ...ah, that's the ticket.  Run!)
Love the idea of teeny oxide vacuums at the pump as the
alternative to reforming in the car, of course;
can't really count that as infrastructure....

Just 2 years to work out the user-servicable version, people!
Less if they overclock the MATHCAD workstations (with plugins
for 32v photoemission reforming) and use graphics card cycles!
(C'mon, tell me _Langmuir XTreme_ only publishes papers for films
that tap out 50V or more.  I haven't looked lately, so....)

> thermite reaction once it starts, and your best bet is to contain it.
   Juggle it with working fluid and a catch for toxic ejecta.
Finally Volcano Power has its day, eh?  Quickly!  Get the virgin!

(also) Rogers> You would get better mileage with gasoline.
   It's certainly disappointing to take the Hygenius from the
Tokyo auto show (200mpg; range, 400km; hydrogen fuel cells
that cold start, they say,) and see efficiency
'approach that of a conventional auto' after the supply
bit is worked out (...and the center of gravity moved
to the rear of the car.)

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