[FoRK] flag burning...

mattj at newsblip.com mattj
Mon Oct 31 10:15:58 PST 2005

Quoting Corinna <corinna.schultz at gmail.com>:

> I made everyone stand up, though, to show respect.

Interesting.  If schools still had a daily prayer, would you make everyone bow
their heads, to show respect?

> Patriotic citizens, under
> the watchful eyes of a free press, march up to a flag pole outside of an
> offending government agency. They gracefully and respectfully lower the
> American flag there, fold it carefully, and put it into an appropriate
> container.

Somehow I don't think it would play out so gracefully in real life.  And while
it's appealing if you're an opponent of the current administration, ask how
you'd feel if the parties were reversed.  (Perhaps you'd feel as 
Democrats felt
when the (choreographed) Republican mob invaded the ballot-counting offices in
Florida.  But more so, since your opponents are *taking our flag!* )

But I do agree that protestors (of all stripes) these days seem to be 
lacking in
creativity.  There must be some new, effective, and legal techniques out there
that nobody has tried yet.  With regard to the flag-taking idea, I'd prefer a
legal variant such as... oh... staging a protest with a dozen large flags of
your own, except yours are all black and white (and grey).  The idea is that
you're going to stay there, showing how the agency is only a superficial
imitation of what it should be, until you get satisfaction.  And your 
flags are
not mockeries of the real flag, but classically-styled, high-quality,
newly-made, freshly pressed grayscale versions.  That is, it's a respectful
display.  Not terribly effective, maybe, since I haven't worked on it, but
legal and new.

-Matt Jensen

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