[FoRK] linkorama Mondays!

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Mon Oct 31 17:37:20 PST 2005

Bitchlink-o-rama Mondays may just be followed by Bitch How-Tuesdays.

Da Bitch is in da house!

Worthless bitch

Almost as fun as sex!

101 great things to do with, uh, you know... *those* things:

I'm peeved because I can't find a good free photo of a whip so I can make 
it curl around the body of the blog.
Thankfully, my son's GF did a few shots for me with her 
Boots-Are-Made-for-Walking. Sizzle.

The sites been revamped (Yes!) after the spectacular failure of it as a 
resurrection of the site it'd been intended to be. So........... it's all 
about me, me, me. While I've been helping other people design these things 
for a couple of years and encourage all kinds of blogging with clients, 
only now I know just why they are so great: archiving. (Don't forget to 
back up, though! I always love a good "I forgot to back up story, of course. ;)


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Raunchier, leftier, bitchier ... that the other bitch

See, when people call me names, they just never know what they're getting 
themselves into.  

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