[FoRK] Re: flag burning...

Corinna corinna.schultz
Wed Nov 2 05:38:04 PST 2005

"Kevin Elliott" <k-elliott at wiu.edu> wrote in message 
> My patriotism is unaffected, but that's not the issue.  The issue is what 
> acceptable behavior do I want my child taught, and by extension, how 
> children at school should be expected to behave.

Roughly speaking, I want my children to learn how to respectfully disagree 
with people, appropriately express that disagreement, and allow people the 
freedom to be whomever they happen to be at the moment. All without 
compromising their own integrity and their own values. American culture is 
too diverse, especially if you expect to move around a lot in your life.

<rambling story ahead>
When I was a teacher, our school district had this back-to-school pep 
rally/motivational thing for all the district teachers - complete with 
cheerleaders, drum line, and projected photos of kids doing things from the 
previous year. (It was really quite surprisingly artificial and immature, 
IMO, but it was a contract day, so I had to go.) They said the pledge -- I 
stayed seated, and nobody around me said anything to me.  One year, they had 
the sister of some famous country singer, who happened to be Christian, and 
she did this lecture/concert -motivational-type program, peppered through 
with religious references. It really annoyed me. I didn't walk out (maybe I 
should have -- maybe I should have complained about coerced religion).  I 
would hope that my kids would be civilized enough to behave appropriately if 
they encounted something equivalent to that. Or if they went so somebody's 
house, who happened to be Catholic and had icons everywhere, I would expcet 
my kids to not say disparaging things about religion (unless asked, of 


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