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Kevin Elliott k-elliott
Wed Nov 2 09:51:47 PST 2005

At 23:39 -0800  on  11/1/05, Bill Humphries wrote:
>On Nov 1, 2005, at 1:06 PM, Kevin Elliott wrote:
>>  Yes.  We have a culture, it has rules, and we are quite intolerant 
>>of people who break
>>those rules.  People get mad when a man beats a woman in public. 
>>People get mad when
>>someone talks loudly on their cell phone in a public area.  A 
>>"culture" is little more than a
>>collection of rules about how people should behave.  Middle eastern 
>>culture happens to
>>refer to a large collection of them as coming from "Islam" (though 
>>their is some debate as
>>to the appropriateness of that).
>So let me get this right, you think that reciting the pledge is a 
>rule in our culture?

No.  But I do think being respectful during the pledge should be and 
is.  Nor do I have a problem teaching the pledge to children and 
having them recite it (assuming their parents don't object).  And I 
think comparing it Sharia Islamic law is a little silly.
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