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Karl Anderson kra
Mon Nov 14 11:42:02 PST 2005

"Russell Turpin" <deafbox at hotmail.com> writes:

> Karl Anderson <kra at monkey.org>
> >Forwarded from another list.  I've been using this technique on FoRK 
> >forever, along with my gnus scorefile.
> So, have you applied it to the archives, and figured out
> which of us are kooks?

Well, my mailer does manual scoring, so I've labeled the kooks and the
contributors as I meet them.  Threads are sorted by total score.  With
that, some of the patterns are basically labeled in color, especially
"take it to email" and "talking to myself", and the fewer contributors
interject, the lower the thread is on the page.

The only hurdle is that, as the article mentions, sometimes people are
only kooks or contributors in certain contexts.  That's a big problem
with FoRK.  Posters on IT technical groups like comp.lang.python are
more consistent, and I only page through the top quarter of the
thread summaries before I don't have to decide anymore.  That
includes diving into the non-contibutor depths for a few minutes,
which sometimes finds new people that might be scored up or down.
Non-IT technical lists are the worst for me, because I hang out in
metalshop and mechanic groups where the best contributors are - well,
sometimes they think they're still jawing at the shop with the boys.

> Besides me and Geege, of course.

Regina is stalking me.  Whenever I post she tells me where she is, or
at least, where she isn't.  She isn't at the office right now,

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