[FoRK] OFX bank accounts for furriners

Dave Long dave.long
Tue Nov 15 02:09:46 PST 2005

> On the similar note, does anyone know how to open an account in the 
> swiss banks?
> How does one proceed, and what is the minimum required to open an 
> account there?

That of course depends upon the type of
account.  If one believes billboards, a
new Post account results in them giving
you 100 CHF.  (but one should expect to
have the fine print taketh away)

If you're looking for something that is
a little less retail oriented, then, as
the joke goes (and I am sure this holds
for any country), one would want at the
minimum not only enough to live on, but
enough for one's banker to live on, too.


:: :: ::

STFW works.  The major banks have their
websites available in english, and most
of the rest ought to be surfable if one
reads at least one of DE, FR, or IT.

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