[FoRK] Slackitude

Andy Armstrong andy
Tue Nov 15 15:14:20 PST 2005

On 15 Nov 2005, at 23:07, Robert Harley wrote:
> Your assignment (courtesy of my Dad): Google for "lelouch rendez  
> vous",
> watch, admire, report back.

I believe I have a copy of that on a (currently broken) server  

If you have it watch the end - when he meets up with his girlfriend -  
I'm sure she's been drinking or smoking weed while she waited for him  
to arrive - she sort of staggers up the steps from what I remember :)

> *
> *Or if you're a total geek, enjoy: *
> http://www.patmedia.net/marklevinson/cool/cool_illusion.html

I was thinking that might be fun in a music video :)

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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