[FoRK] postcards from paradise

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Tue Nov 15 19:02:09 PST 2005

At 09:53 PM 11/15/2005, Joe Barrera wrote:
>Jeff Bone wrote:
>>  Got hitched, despite all rational reasons / historical argument to
>>  the contrary.  Currently in tropical paradise, further details
>>  forthcoming at some point.
>Meanwhile, my dear wife is divorcing me... *sigh*
>But there's some good news that I can share tomorrow...
>or you can see for yourself if you visit collation.com (tomorrow).

Well, fuckmedead then! I was just sitting here thinking about you, 
wondering why I hadn't seen you posting at all. It was about four hours 
ago. I thought, "hell, I'm gonna write Joe and see how he's doing. He must 
be balls to the wall at work or something to have not heard from him at 
FoRk. I wonder what's up."

Big hug!

This so sucks. I hate to see people have to go through shit. You can say 
all the silly crap in the world that you're supposed to say -- and it just 
doesn't seem adequate.

Another hug!


"You know how it is -- come for the animal porn,
stay for the cultural analysis."

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