[FoRK] postcards from paradise

Jeff Bone jbone
Tue Nov 15 19:27:37 PST 2005

On Nov 15, 2005, at 8:53 PM, Joe Barrera wrote:

> Jeff Bone wrote:
>>  Got hitched, despite all rational reasons / historical argument to
>>  the contrary.  Currently in tropical paradise, further details
>>  forthcoming at some point.
> Hey!
> Congratulations!
> Meanwhile, my dear wife is divorcing me... *sigh*

Joe, if this is your first divorce...  I don't know your context, but  
from my own experience --- you should fucking celebrate.  The first  
marriage is almost always, apparently, a mistake.  It took me 13  
years post-divorce to get to the second one;  10 years of shacking up  
before I felt comfortable enough.  You are going to have a HARD TIME,  
buddy...  your oxytocin's fucked, your seratonin's fucked, etc. etc.   
You are going to have some HARD NIGHTS for about 2-6 months.  The  
more you LIVE LIFE --- and by that, I mean PARTY HARD --- the  
better.  In the meantime surround yourself 24x7 with *younger,  
single* friends that have the same PARTY HARD agenda --- and you'll  
be better off.  You *can* rewire your brain and body after a  
relationship like this.  Just cater to your biological whims ---  
indeed, indulge, encourage, and even coerce them.  Live like you were  

Look at it as a reprieve.  Live the next 6-12 months of your life as  
if you were 21 again, and your body will do its evolutionary best to  
meet the demands you make of it --- you will GROW YOUNGER.  It's  
hard, but it's a blessing (word I hate) --- not a curse.


Let yourself jibe your way through the next few months.  Your  
superego will keep you on an even keel.



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