[FoRK] Slackitude

J. Andrew Rogers andrew
Tue Nov 15 23:16:18 PST 2005

On Nov 15, 2005, at 4:17 PM, Robert Harley wrote:
> While I'm on the topic of
> getting kicks elsewhere, who's up for Kilimandjaro, McKinley or  
> Aconagua
> next summer? Or even Mont Blanc in the spring? I'm generally a sea  
> person,
> but I have gradually come to accept that mountains are quite cool.

I had semi-serious plans to do Aconcagua in spring, but currently  
plan to be back in eastern Europe instead (a really interesting part  
of the world these days) and push Aconcagua off until the following  
year.  I have not been up any of these mountains, and all are on my  
TODO list before the decade is out (except Mont Blanc).  Maybe I  
should do both...  I've always been torn between the climate of the  
high rural mountain country of the western US and the Mediterranean  
beach atmosphere of San Diego, as I spent quite a bit of time living  
in both and find them to each be highly desirable in their own ways.   
And yet here I am in Silicon Valley...

J. Andrew Rogers

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