[FoRK] postcards from paradise

Andy Armstrong andy
Wed Nov 16 03:36:57 PST 2005

On 16 Nov 2005, at 03:19, Jeff Bone wrote:
> PS - this should come as no surprise because (a) despite being the  
> quintessential anti-marriage / anti-monogamy dis- 
> establishmentarianist (and, ironically, quintessential anti-ism- 
> ist, apologies to Ferris Bueller and the Walrus) I've been with Jen  
> --- my lovely bride --- for nie on 10 years now, and owned property  
> with her for the last 6 or so.  So yes, call me a hypocrite.  I'll  
> take it.  Doesn't change the point... ;-)  I'm still trying to get  
> "The Misogynist's Handbook" published.  (Humor novel, plot  
> involving recently-divorced nearing-middle-age male in tech / exec  
> line of work who woos --- to his dismay and ultimate...  well,  
> we'll leave that --- a stripper.  No, Jen is not nor has ever been  
> --- though she could be / have been --- a stripper...)
> Anywayze, more later.

I've been with Therese for 15, married 10. Best thing we ever did.  
Have fun :)

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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