[FoRK] postcards from paradise

Joe Barrera joe
Wed Nov 16 08:47:12 PST 2005

Jeff Bone wrote:

>  You are going to have some HARD NIGHTS for about 2-6 months.  The
>  more you LIVE LIFE --- and by that, I mean PARTY HARD --- the better.
>  In the meantime surround yourself 24x7 with *younger, single* friends
>  that have the same PARTY HARD agenda --- and you'll be better off.
>  You *can* rewire your brain and body after a relationship like this.
>  Just cater to your biological whims --- indeed, indulge, encourage,
>  and even coerce them.  Live like you were 21.

That advice will surely either cure me or kill me :-)

Thanks for the kind words,

- Joe

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